Most people will experience one, maybe two, significant auto accidents in their lives. Chances are they will never go through a very serious car crash. Most people are simply unprepared for the upheaval such an accident can cause. A serious accident can upend your life and the lives of your family members. When the person injured or killed is responsible for supporting their family, the uncertainty can be even more compounded. After a serious West Haven car accident, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer who can shoulder the burden of your legal and financial troubles so that you can focus on getting your life back on track.

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  • Drunk Driving Accidents
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The trusted West Haven auto accident attorneys at Rodie and Rodie has decades of experience recovering damages for our clients after serious West Haven, Connecticut auto accidents. We know the attorneys, the experts, and the courts that play a role in auto crash lawsuits in Stratford and across Fairfield and New Haven County. Our auto accident legal team brings not only a wealth of experience with the law, the evidence, and the arguments that underlie auto accident claims; we bring the compassion and understanding that comes from personal experience with illness and injury. We know just how important a financial recovery can be to the lives of our clients, and we will fight to ensure they get the damages they are owed.

Serving Clients Injured in All Types of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents come in a variety of forms. Some auto accidents are more immediately dangerous than others, although even minor accidents can cause long-lasting pain and injury. Some crashes are more likely to result from certain weather conditions or when specific types of vehicles are involved. Our West Haven, Connecticut auto crash team commonly represents clients who have been injured in any type of auto accident, including the following:

  • Head-on collisions. Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles strike each other coming from opposite directions. These crashes can happen when a driver drifts into oncoming traffic, either intentionally to pass, or unintentionally as a result of intoxication, distraction, or drowsiness. Head-on collisions are extremely dangerous and are often fatal.
  • T-bone crashes. T-bone or broadside crashes occur when one driver hits another at a right angle. These accidents often result when one driver ignores a stop sign or traffic signal, driving recklessly into a heavily-trafficked intersection. T-bone crashes are often fatal for either the driver or the front seat passenger of the car that is struck.
  • Rear-end collisions. Even minor rear-end crashes, often called “fender-benders,” can cause severe neck and back injury, including whiplash syndrome. If you were involved in a rear-end crash, for example, in a parking lot, see a doctor immediately to ensure that you do not have a latent injury going untreated.
  • Rollover accidents. A rollover accident can be one of the scariest experiences in a person’s life. Rollover accidents are more common with larger vehicles such as semi-trucks or buses, and where there are inclement weather and road conditions such as rain, sleet, or ice.

The knowledgeable West Haven auto accident lawyers at Rodie and Rodie have years of experience investigating traffic crashes across Connecticut. We know what evidence to seek in order to prove that an accident, whether a rear-end crash or a head-on collision, was the result of someone’s negligence. Whether your claim should be brought against a negligent driver, their employer, a vehicle manufacturer, or even the city or county that designed a dangerous intersection, our seasoned personal injury legal team is ready to build your case and fight for the recovery you are owed.


Advice and Representation From a Trusted West Haven Auto Accident Injury Attorney

After a serious auto accident, you need a strong, compassionate, and detail-oriented legal advocate in your corner. The seasoned and effective West Haven auto accident attorneys at Rodie and Rodie have years of experience securing the maximum available compensation for our clients, going toe-to-toe with defense attorneys and insurance companies. Reach out to our West Have auto crash legal team today for a free consultation.