Personal InjuryWhat is a “Contingency Fee” and how does it work?

January 25, 20210

Will your representation of me cost me anything?

As a personal injury attorney who only represents people who have been hurt I am often asked these questions. They are important questions to answer. All of my cases are handled on a “Contingency Fee” basis.

Put simply, my representation of you will not require you to pay me anything in advance of a successful resolution of your case by way of settlement or jury verdict. As your attorney, I only earn a fee if I have been successful in obtaining you monetary compensation for the injuries and damages you have sustained. There is never an attorney’s fee until the end of your case, and the fee is a percentage of the overall recovery.

If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Period.

When I am retained to represent you I incur expenses to pursue your matter. Often times these expenses involve hiring a private investigator to obtain evidence such as photographs or witness statements. When a lawsuit is required, a State Marshal receives the suit papers from me and after service of process on the Defendant, a court entry is required by the State Judicial Department. All of the costs involved are paid by my firm. You do not incur these costs. When your case resolves successfully, my firm has reimbursed these costs from the recovery. If there was no recovery, no costs are recovered. In other words, you will not incur these costs to pursue your case.

Please call me if you have a matter you would like to discuss. All consultations are always free of charge.