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January 4, 20230

Buses provide a means of transportation for people to commute to home, work or school on a
daily basis. They are an important part of the reduction of the number of vehicles on the roads
and highways.

Unfortunately, buses are not immune from being involved in motor vehicle collisions. Often,
due to the nature of a bus, there are many injured individuals who were passengers on the bus.
Preservation of evidence early on is vital to establishing the cause of the collision and who may
be liable.

Evidence regarding the bus driver, employment records and pre and post-collision testing which
may be performed as part of the driver’s employment contract can and should be timely

Currently, most buses carrying children for school districts and municipal of State public
transportation buses are equipped with closed circuit cameras that can capture the collision
and its effects on the bus passengers both inside and exterior to the bus. However, this
evidence must be requested as soon as possible as many of these systems “overwrite” after a
relatively short period of time.

In addition, many police departments who may investigate the bus collision will have available
dash and body cam video capturing their investigation. Audio of 911 calls can also be
requested, but like the bus video, this evidence must be requested timely or may be lost.

In cases of school bus transportation, parents expect the bus driver to be properly trained and
supervised and the bus to be a safe operating mechanical condition.

Occupants of a bus injured in a collision have the right to monetary compensation for injuries
sustained for any party that caused or contributed to the cause of the collision. If you have
been injured in a bus Accident, call Attorney Wilfred J. Rodie, Jr at Rodie & Rodie, PC as soon as